About Skyworx

Located at the Augusta Regional Airport, Skyworx is intended to foster entrepreneurial startups and young businesses by providing resources and assistance during the critical development period, allowing them to build a solid foundation to improve the chance of long-term success.  The Incubator may also play a critical role in promoting knowledge transfer, both formally and informally. Skyworx provides shared/common-use space, private offices, mentor networks, and networking events and, ultimately, will have an associated accelerator program. It is designed to be a “temporary home” not a long-term inexpensive place to do business.

Our Mission

To encourage interest and innovation in the aerospace industry by providing an entrepreneurial environment which encourages new ventures and minimizes risk of failure during critical start-up phase of new businesses.


  • Create aerospace jobs in the Augusta-Aiken MSA
  • Help to diversify the local economy
  • Encourage new capital investment in the region
  • Improve the long-term success rate for new aerospace businesses in the region
  • Create opportunities for students, ex-military and Savannah River Site (SRS) retirees
  • Create a climate of collaboration & networking

Ownership and Oversight

Skyworx is owned by the Consolidated Government of Augusta Richmond County, Georgia. Skyworx is operated by and through, Airport staff and the duly appointed, Augusta Aviation Commission (AAC) on behalf of the owner.

The Skyworx Advisory Council has been created to provide advice and expertise for the operation of the program and to review and approve applications for admittance to the program. Council members serve on a voluntary basis under the direction of the Skyworx manager. At any given point in time, Council Members will consist of persons knowledgeable in a variety of business backgrounds, which may include banking/finance, law, economic development, education, aerospace/aviation, procurement/logistics, entrepreneurs, etc.