Interested in becoming a Mentor?

One of the benefits of membership in the Skyworx Innovation Xchange (Skyworx) is access to a mentor(s). Mentorship is a critical component for building a successful startup business. Research from the Federation of Small Businesses has shown that entrepreneurs and start-ups that receive mentor support have superior survivability rates when compared to those that did not receive mentor support. A great mentor can provide a playbook of sorts, a tried and tested methodology that when replicated will likely yield similar results. They can help new businesses find great solutions for problems faced by  start-ups, including funding, technology, market access or legal issues.

When adding to the Skyworx Mentor Team, Skyworx staff and the Advisory Council look for certain elements that would be beneficial to the Member/Tenants. These elements include aviation or aerospace industry knowledge, an entrepreneurial background, general knowledge and connections in the industry.

Industry Knowledge: A mentor from the same industry can help new businesses to understand the nuances of the business and the varied nature of the market.

Entrepreneurs: It can be extremely beneficial to start-ups to be mentored by someone who has gone through the process and has been successful. Someone who has built a company from idea to exit is ideal, as they understand the issues and challenges associated with starting a business.

General: General mentors can provide generic advice in their field including areas such as legal, financial, marketing and business plan development.

Network Effects: A mentor with strong connections in the industry can be highly valuable as they have the potential to open many doors for their mentees. Investors feel more comfortable and might make an investment if the startup has been referred by someone in their network.

Mentors should be willing to devote 1 hour per week, which can be scheduled at times convenient for the mentor and mentee(s). Meetings may take place via phone, email, on-site visits or video conferencing.