Our Memberships

Skyworx is an aerospace focused incubator, meaning there is one specific industry sector that is accepted into the program. Skyworx has identified aviation, aerospace, aeronautical activities, UAS and cyber security (as it relates to the aerospace industry) as its target industry sectors along with those entities performing related research and development.

Member Admission Procedure

The Skyworx Innovation Xchange (Skyworx) at Augusta Regional Airport is an aerospace business incubator and program of services designed to help facilitate entrepreneurship and innovative business development in the aerospace industry. This includes unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and cyber security as it relates to the aerospace industry.


Prices starting at $1 / sq ft

Businesses seeking resident admission to Skyworx will be evaluated on an individual basis. Skyworx will provide 24/7 private office space as a part of this membership. Residents will receive all services offered by Skyworx. Residents will be required to meet with Incubator staff or a representative of the Council twice per year and must graduate on or before the end of the fourth year.

Resident Members will be able to maintain a business address at Skyworx and have business mail/packages directed to Skyworx. Each Resident Member is assigned a mailbox, and will be responsible for checking their mail.

Affiliate Member

Prices starting at $50 / Month

Entrepreneurs and existing small businesses who wish to access the resources and programs of Skyworx may obtain them through the Affiliate Member Program. All policies/procedures herein are applicable to Affiliate Members while on Skyworx premises. Affiliate Members have access to a mailbox, business resource center, hot desk, meeting space, break area and related common areas. Affiliate Members may receive professional consulting services, access to training/classes, and a discount on special Incubator events or programs.

Affiliate Members may reserve meeting space with 24-hour notice. The business resource center is available for Affiliate use on a limited basis.

Affiliate Members will be provided on-going correspondence of upcoming programs and information from Skyworx. Affiliate members may participate in all continuing education seminars, training, counseling and management/technical assistance programs on a space available basis through Skyworx.

Anchor Tenants

Skyworx has been established to provide rates designed to ensure the success of start-up companies. A consistent flow of revenue will be required to ensure that Skyworx remains successful and viable. Therefore, at any time, up to fifteen (15) percent of Skyworx’ total leasable office space may be leased to Anchor Tenants, other agencies or organizations who are not start-ups or for-profit business enterprises. Anchor Tenants, considered permanent residents of Skyworx, are accepted based on the compatibility to the total operations of Skyworx and must be in a position to provide a direct or advisory service to the incubator members.

Landing Parties

Subsidiaries, feeder branch offices and secondary developments of established corporate entities that are seeking to develop a presence in the Augusta, Georgia area may be provided leasable space in Skyworx on a space available basis.

These corporate Landing Parties will be required to pay market rate for office space and will be provided all the services and programming of a Resident Member in addition to assistance through the Augusta Economic Development Authority (AEDA) for purposes of expanding their corporate identity and graduating from Skyworx within one (1) year.

Soft Landing Parties (international companies) who have chosen to establish a business operation in the Augusta, Georgia area may be provided office and meeting space on a space available basis. If accepted, they will enjoy services, programming, and cultural integration assistance during the construction period or set-up of permanent facilities, under a negotiated agreement with the AAC or its representative(s).